The End of the Beginning

If we never read the next chapter, we’ll never know how the story ends, and the only way to appreciate a book is to know its entire story. Continue reading


Book Review: Live Fearlessly

If you only know one verse from the book of Joshua in the Bible, you probably know Joshua 1:9 which says “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go”. This is where my most recent Bible study gets its title. Continue reading

I want to take a moment to admire the fact that the first snow of the season is falling, marking the unofficial beginning of winter in my world! Winter is my favorite season, although I mostly say that from inside a warm house, looking out across a white lawn at twinkling Christmas lights. It is my opinion that the best movies are on TV in winter, popcorn tastes best on cold wintery evenings, and my favorite type of clothing is in style: jeans, boots, and sweaters. Snow doesn’t usually stick for very long where I live, so it is a special occasion. However, I must acknowledge that not everyone has the luxuries I do of a warm residence and instant cocoa. This is the time of year when appreciation is closer to the front of most people’s minds, but I wish that it would not end when the snow melts. At least it’s something, though. So, if it;s all you choose to do, be thankful this evening as you sit wrapped up warmly browsing on your laptop. But, if like me, you want to do something more, don’t let it end there. Think about it every day. Endeavor to do something helpful for someone else every day of the year. 

The Reason for My Name

Walking around campus, I am shocked by the amount of girls who think it is acceptable fashion to wear leggings as if they were pants. I realize that I can be a little old-fashioned sometimes, but really, I don’t care how nice of a body you have, that is not the way they were meant to be worn. It is opinions like this that fuel this blog. I am fed up with the status quo of society being set by whoever can be the most outrageous, and not who can justify themselves. So, I am going to be outrageous in an unexpected way; I am going to speak out against inappropriate clothing, vampire fiction, and musicians who don’t really say anything. I am fighting for a new social paradigm, one where morality and truth is more important than getting a big reaction.  And I am dedicated to the truth that leggings are not, never have been, nor will they ever be, pants.


What’s to Come?

So here is kind of a preview of what will be coming to Leggings Are Never Pants:

Something from my Favorite Books: mostly distopian teen fiction, such as Hunger Games, the Matched Trilogy, and Divergent, but also mystery fiction and some more…happy, fiction.

Music I Like: I have a fairly large range of music I listen to, from Christian rock to country to alternative occasionally.

Philosophical Musings: As a philosophy minor/used to be major, I sometimes get lost in thought over random philosophical things…so watch out for that!

Nothing is really out of bounds! Suggestions? Shoot me an email:



Welcome to my blog!

Hello! This blog is pretty much going to be whatever I feel like sharing my opinions on. Book reviews, politics, philosophy, and music are what I am mainly interested, so I’m sure all will find their way here! Stay and read a while, and I am sure you will find something interesting!