The End of the Beginning

This blog has brought me significant joy over the past three years that I have managed it. It has been a platform upon which I have developed writing and analytic skills, as well as a fun place to share about whatever is on my mind.

When I started this blog, I had a lot of ideas for what I wanted to do, but no definite direction. I had no idea what went into running a blog; I only knew that I had a lot of thoughts that I felt like I needed to share with the world and that I enjoyed writing. Throughout this process I have become more specialized, focusing entirely on the literature I read for fun and for class. I found my niche, so to speak.

Everything about this blog has led up to a major decision I recently made: I am moving my blog address and starting a new site. This will be the last post on Leggings Are Never Pants, and from today on I will be instead be blogging at Reviews From the Stacks.

While this is a new site, it will carry certain similarities to Leggings Are Never Pants. First of all, Reviews will be exclusively focused on literature, with less clutter written on unrelated topics. I will continue to accept read-for-review requests, and will blog about many different kinds of literature, from chart-topping fiction to introspective memoirs to unknown indie releases and beyond. This site will also  be impacted by my recent job switch, thriving on the insight I gain from working in an actual library (rather than just passing through for moments of fangirling).

I hope that the biggest difference in the new site is its level of professionalism. Leggings Are Never Pants was created on a sophomoric whim, and while the title is fun, it does not lend itself to serious conversations and is rather incongruous with the type of site that I want to have. It does not explain what the site is about, whereas it is my hope that Reviews From the Stacks is more straightforward and understandable. I am coming to this new site with a wealth of knowledge and information that I did not have when I began blogging, and while I cherish Leggings for granting me this experience, it is time to grow up and move into a (digital) space that represents who I am now and the voice I have developed rather than one which fit a few years ago.

I hope that all of my followers will take this jump with me, check out Reviews From the Stacks today, and don’t forget to update your follow preferences! I already have several great reads in the works which will soon be reviewed on Reviews, as well as an increased social media presence associated with the new site.

Oh, and I will continue to track the countries and states that I “visit” via map on my new site. I hope you’re as excited as I am to see how that goes throughout this year!

Happy reading, and I hope to see you over at Reviews soon!



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