Peace in Every Season: Another Life Update

Sometimes life can just get crazy. Over the past few months I have had to adjust to several major life changes and new situations, including graduating from college, moving back home, being unemployed and, subsequently, working three part-time jobs. Although I knew in my mind that life would change dramatically with graduation, the full force of post-graduate life caught me a little off guard.

Now that I had a degree, and graduated Magna Cum Laude on top of that, I expected it to be relatively easy to find a job. I did minimal job research before graduation, and there appeared to be plenty of jobs out there. I wasn’t discouraged by the slow and relatively negative responses I received to the few applications I did send out, because I was not dedicating much time or effort to job searching at that time and assumed that with my full attention the results would be different. I did not think that my requirements for a job were too high: something within the fields of professional writing or library work; as a backup, I assumed I could always find work as a secretary. I hoped to find a job close to my hometown, which is right next to a (fairly) major city, but I was also willing to move a reasonable distance, if the resulting salary was sufficient.

Needless to say, when I fell prey to the current state of the job market, I was a little surprised. I knew that a lot of people struggle to find work, but somehow I assumed that I would not. I didn’t realize it at first, but I think I assumed that I was untouchable in this way. By relying on my work ethic and excellent GPA, I thought that finding an enjoyable job that would allow me to support myself would be easy. Five months later, I am humbled and see that the struggle to find employment is not based on personality, grades, or work ethic. There are definitely some fields that are more affected than others, and many liberal arts areas seem to be among those hit the hardest. These areas of study can be seen as impractical, and while they teach skills that employers in all fields value, finding a job that specifically seeks these skills is uncommon.

The point of this post was not to rant about the difficulties of finding a job in the current environment, however. My intent is to explain in part why this blog has recently gone through phases of intense activity followed by near-silence. The biggest factor is that my Kindle, which contains all of the books that I have promised reviews for, has been acting up and randomly deleting files. Fortunately, I have been able to recover most of these on my computer, but I remain unable to reload more than one at a time on my Kindle. With everything that has been on my plate in the past few weeks, from starting a new job and entirely rearranging my schedule, to organizing Trunk or Treat with my Sunday School class, I have not had time to resolve this issue. Hopefully, it will be fixed by the end of this week. For the time being, I have enjoyed the freedom of having more time to focus on the books I have checked out from the library to read just for fun. However, it should not take much longer to get back on track with the ebooks I have promised to review. Please be patient with me as I am dealing with this!

Aside from job searching and technological difficulties, I have also begun researching grad schools recently. This is a process that I assume will be time consuming and highly competitive, but the possibility of getting a Master’s degree is exciting to me, which helps balance out the uncertainty of which program to pursue and nerves regarding everything in the application process. It looks like I ought to find time to take the GRE in the next few months as well, so maybe things aren’t slowing down quite as much as I would like! Regardless, I am thankful for the situations that make life a constant adventure.

It is incredible for me to think that there are so many possibilities for my future, for everyone’s future, and while I am still uncertain which to pursue and have no idea what will come about, there is someone who does and He cares about every decision I make every day. If I didn’t have a personal, ever-growing relationship with God, I’m pretty sure I would despair at the necessity of choosing a career, place to live, and school to attend. My judgement is not always the best, but I know that in the end “all things work for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purposes” (Romans 8:28); no matter which school I attend or what job I have, my priority is that to give God all glory and praise. Everything I do is intended to bring God glory. If I fail a class, or an application, or in any other way, He is still in control and will still be glorified. If He chooses to work through me, and if what I pursue is successful, it is all because of Him. That takes a lot of pressure off of me, for which I am extremely grateful. Furthermore, I can have peace knowing that just because the job(s) I currently have do not directly utilize my degree does not mean that they are useless. I know that I am where I need to be right now, although it is not what I expected or specifically wanted. As long as I continue to seek God first, I can be content with the way my life goes. I can live in peace and fulfillment, even without landing my dream job.

Now I’m off to another oddly-timed meal and late shift at one of my random part-time jobs. More literary musings and reviews will come shortly, I hope!


Photo Credit: The Word for the Day


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