Book Review: The Heir by Kiera Cass

The Heir, which is the fourth book in The Selection series, takes place approximately 20-something years after the third book, The One. It follows America’s daughter when she is about the same age as America was in The Selection. Eadlyn has grown up vastly different from how her mother did, which makes for some interesting comparisons. However, she and the entire nation of Ilea still face some of the same difficulties. As her parents continue to work to better the country and she struggles with what growing up really means, Eadlyn’s story presents a new take on the growing Dystopian Romance genre.

It took me a while to get used to Eadlyn’s perspective, and I’ll be honest, she seemed pretty much like your typical spoiled brat in the beginning. Eventually, she grew on me. *minor spoiler alert* I was shocked to see another selection taking place. Like, drop-dead shocked. Despite the previews and spoilers I had seen previous to reading the book, I didn’t actually think it would happen. Additionally, I expected this book to end with the monarchy being replaced, but I am glad it didn’t. My own feelings aside, I can see that is not what is best for Illea. While I may not realistically know anything about running a country, I can see the process the Schreaves are going through in making their decisions; Cass does a good job explaining the reasoning behind most of the major decisions, and managed to sway my opinion to agree with what ends up happening.

I am very pleased that Kiera Cass can keep the series going longer than most dystopia “series” which usually means “trilogy”. Not that I have anything against trilogies, but it does seem like most dystopian fiction are either single books or trilogies, so it is unique and to a degree impressive that this one is continuing longer. Most of the characters were well-developed, although some of the boys were a bit flat. Given the sudden amount of new characters and limit on time though, I’ll forgive this. The Heir is not the most exciting book, but it moves the story along and continues to forge the girliest dystopia I have ever read. I’m already anxious for the next book in the series!


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