As The Seasons Fall

As the calendar moves through September, temperatures don’t climb quite as high as they used to, the local coffee shop hauls out Old Faithful flavors for their monthly special, and school bells are heard daily. Leaves change colors and drop, then skitter along the sidewalk in the cool breeze, and squirrels are in full gather-mode as they prepare for the ultimate test of winter.

I know a lot of people who absolutely love this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it too, but I think it’s getting blown out of proportion this year. I like being able to dress for the day without having to consider both frigid air conditioning and sweat-inducing sun, and soft sweaters are a comfortable shift from shorts and sandals; but, along with gentle weather and fashion changes, comes the return of a Thing both inspiring and challenging for many young adults: school. As a university student, I must now balance papers for class with any writing I want to do for myself, or for this blog. Before I can read the books I choose, I have to read the ones assigned by professors. As a member of a rigorous English program, and also working on two separate minor areas of study, I have a lot of obligations to fulfill before heading to class every day. Needless to say, autumn is a very busy time of year for me (and I haven’t even mentioned music or my actual job yet!). As such, it is unfortunate that this blog is often one of the first things to get cut from my schedule. It’s impossible for me to keep up with as many reviews as I would like to get out, but I hope that my dedicated (though admittedly few) followers will be patient throughout this season. I am still reading and working on things for this blog, but they won’t be put up as quickly as during other months. When I have time, I will update and review and talk about books as much as possible. This may not be every week, or even every other week at times during the school year.

During this more hurried time of life, sometimes it can be difficult to notice the nice things around, like the increasingly mild weather and opportunities to make good memories with friends. The pressure of essays, tests, and homework can get in the way of finding ways to enjoy every day, no matter what happens. But, failing to do this is failing to recognize the Creator and all the blessings He has surrounded us with. So as you curl up with a warm drink and comfy sweater, or play in the leaves and decorate pumpkins, or cram for tomorrow’s big test, remember that there is a world out there beyond the school yard or office, full of lessons and inspiration and peace. And when you come looking for my latest book review but instead find the same page you saw last week, grant me some grace. Sometimes there are more important things than what fits on my computer screen.


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