Book Review: Revived by Cat Patrick

Revived is one of the best books have read this summer. This is the story of Daisy, a teenage girl like any other except for one thing: she is a part of a top-secret field test for a drug that can bring people back when they die, which has (successfully) been used on her several times. The book begins as she and her “parents”, the government agents raising her, have to relocate once more due to Daisy’s death by bee sting. This is a coming-of-age story in which tackles some relatively big issues such as death, responsibility, and friendship in an easy to read way. Daisy’s voice is well crafted to her unique situation, but not distanced. Despite the obvious expectations for a book like this (heroine will have trouble fitting in, fall in love, have to leave love interest, be conflicted about program, etc), the story was largely unpredictable, yet made complete sense. The emotions of this book are all over the place, but everything is so realistic that it isn’t overdone or too extreme. The one fault I found in this book, is with Daisy and her boyfriend’s relationship. It’s too perfect. And not in the cutesy, ‘their fictional relationship is so perfect’ way, no, it’s just…too easy, rushed, and cheesy. I would have liked more depth between Daisy and Matt. But aside from that, oh my goodness this book was amazing. Fast-paced, futuristic yet relatable, well written in every sense of the phrase, and simply enjoyable. I almost wish this was a series instead of a stand alone book, it was that good! Cat Patrick is definitely rising as one of my favorite authors, and I happily give Revived 5 stars.


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