Book Review: A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

Marguerite Caine is the clever daughter of brilliant physicists, but she is not a scientist in this not-too-far-in-the-future science fiction young adult novel. At least, in this dimension she is not. Marguerite is an artist. However, when her father is murdered she agrees to use the inter-dimensional travel device he and her mother had been working on in order to pursue his presumed killer. Along with one of her parents’ genius grad student aides, she chases the man who murdered her father through landscapes that are very different from the world she knows, and situations that are not so different. Deciding who to trust and finding the answers she needs turns out not to be as simple as Marguerite hoped.

For the most part, this story was enjoyable. Despite the fact that I had trouble truly relating to Marguerite, and I disagreed with many of her choices, the story was interesting. It pulled me in and no matter how many times I tried to say she should have done something different, I still wanted to know so badly what happened next that I could not stop reading. I do wish that who the villain was had been more of a surprise/twist, as I was able to guess the supposed plot twist by the second chapter. However, I did not catch all the details which linked the different parts of the story, and that kept it interesting. While I was able to easily guess who did what, I was not able to predict how. Also there was no way I expected Marguerite’s feelings to be so drastic, her emotions so powerful, or for her to change her mind in an instant but only once. As a character she in dynamic and unpredictable, which could be frustrating at times but mostly kept the story from slowing down. The other characters, however, tended to be a bit flat. The always-watchful and quiet foreign student, for example, and the evil genius disguising his world domination plans as a way to help people. And the overdone love triangle, different from all others only in that one of the men is actually two at the same time and she is not sure whether she loves one or both or neither of them.

I am not yet sure how many stars to give this. I will hopefully come back to it after I have spent some time mulling over it and living with the conclusion.


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