The word calls to my mind images of middle and high school childishness, but it applies to everyone. Whether you may try to ignore it, everyone has a perception of everyone else. Politicians vote certain ways in order to create the reputation they want, and parents dress their little children in hopes that they will influence their reputation.

It’s not entirely a bad thing though, or something to make fun of. Reputation is how a lot of jobs are gotten these days. The Bible’s Paul gives advice on how to have a truly Christian reputation. It is not something to be obsessed over, however. Having a good reputation is something that must be honest and earned, or else it means nothing. As with most things in life, there is a balance necessary. In this case it is between thinking about what others will see when you act a certain way, and being comfortable with who you are. Changing yourself just so that someone will like the new way you act, talk, or dress is not beneficial; changing because you want to be a better person and see things that need to be changed in order for that to happen is.

Having a reputation is not something to fear or shy away from. Everybody is known for something. This is how we remember each other and differentiate at some level who everyone is. You are in control of your reputation, and that is a lot of power. Make it count.



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