Book Review: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

As of yesterday, I have joined the ranks of the unhappy but devoted readers of Allegiant. I am having a terrible time explaining myself without spoilers, but bear with me. There is so much new information about the world outside the city, it’s nearly incompatible with the first two books of the series. An entirely new world, problem, situation, and so many new lies are uncovered. It was an overwhelming shock to me just reading the story, I’m not sure that even super-human Tris could have not been traumatized, yet she (in stereotypical heroine way) takes it all in stride, only getting hung up on one detail, and not questioning the truth of it. She accepts it too easily for me. After all the lies she has been through, to then just accept new truths…I don’t know. It doesn’t fit. The ending I am not mad about. It makes sense, once you get into the ENTIRELY NEW STORY that is created in this third book. Really, if there was going to be that much new, life-altering information, it should have been foreshadowed somehow in the other books, or made into a longer series, or SOMETHING. It just didn’t work for me. It didn’t make sense how drastically and suddenly everything changed. I haven’t yet decided whether I am okay with this or not. I am still processing everything, and not happy about it but trying to accept it because it’s not really my decision.


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