Book Review: Slated by Teri Terry

Over my break from school I was finally able to read Fractured, which is the sequel to “Slated” by Teri Terry. This trilogy, set in a futuristic UK, easily became one of my favorites. It tells the story of Kyla, a teenage girl who has been “slated”; her memories have been erased because she has been accused as a terrorist. Yet, as is required for most literary heroines in an unconventional situation, Kyla’s slating was not perfect. She sees memories in her dreams, which should not be possible. She feels things differently from all the other slateds. She is curious about things she shouldn’t be. I was quickly drawn in and am now anxiously about halfway through the second book, “Fractured”. This should definitely go on every teen’s to-read list!

*UPDATE: I have now finished the entire trilogy, and boy is it intense! Terry’s writing is easy to follow and the action in the story is nonstop. More mysteries are presented in each of the books, with more questions being raised as the previous ones are answered. This trilogy intensely scrutinizes personal identity and the reality of knowing who you are. There are also government conspiracies, a dash of romance, and some killer plot twists to add up to a wonderful series that I couldn’t put down! Slated is one of those books that it is really hard to talk about without giving away any spoilers, so go read it for yourself to understand why I like it so much but can’t tell you anything more!!