I want to take a moment to admire the fact that the first snow of the season is falling, marking the unofficial beginning of winter in my world! Winter is my favorite season, although I mostly say that from inside a warm house, looking out across a white lawn at twinkling Christmas lights. It is my opinion that the best movies are on TV in winter, popcorn tastes best on cold wintery evenings, and my favorite type of clothing is in style: jeans, boots, and sweaters. Snow doesn’t usually stick for very long where I live, so it is a special occasion. However, I must acknowledge that not everyone has the luxuries I do of a warm residence and instant cocoa. This is the time of year when appreciation is closer to the front of most people’s minds, but I wish that it would not end when the snow melts. At least it’s something, though. So, if it;s all you choose to do, be thankful this evening as you sit wrapped up warmly browsing on your laptop. But, if like me, you want to do something more, don’t let it end there. Think about it every day. Endeavor to do something helpful for someone else every day of the year. 


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