The distorted sense of right and wrong in the world today is extreme. So much truth is hidden, not allowed to be spoken lest it “offend” someone else…but if it is truth, how can it be offensive? If truth is really what is being spoken, then people need to know and hear and see! Yes, there are many different perspectives on what is truth, and whether knowing it is more important, or being comfortable. I choose to be uncomfortable. I choose to stand up for what I believe, and put my perspective on display for all the world to see.

It is usually one’s worldview that determines their definitions of truth, morality, and the importance of other values. My worldview has been shaped by growing up in a Christian family, in a medium-sized town, attending a large school, and many other things. I have not relied solely on the influences around me to tell me what to think or believe. Also being an honors student in school, a major emphasis was critical thinking, and while I may have scoffed at the topic then, I can see that I did develop it and have used it in everyday life. My beliefs are not a mirror of any one other person or doctrine, they are the expression of my life. Everything I do either validates my beliefs or calls them into question, and both strengthen them. I believe that I have found some fundamental truth in this crazy world.

When I say I believe I have found truth, I mean that I believe my beliefs are justified true beliefs for all people, in all places, in all times. I cannot accept the theory of “what’s right for you may not be right for me”, because then there is no truly objective standard to say what is true! I believe in absolutes in nearly every moral situation because without them, there would be no base on which to build a society. Without natural truths, who are we to say something like murder is wrong? There is no standard for this if truth is deemed subjective or unattainable altogether.

So, what is this “fundamental truth” which I proclaim to have? Salvation through faith. I believe in a triune God, the fallen nature of humanity, and God’s ability and willingness to redeem us. I hold this belief based on personal experiences and its consistency with the world I see. There is not one truth claim of the Bible which I do not see reflected in the modern world. People do bad things when left to themselves, and the only way to turn that around is by coming to faith in Christ and respecting His authority.

I morn when I see the rejection of this throughout the world, and believe it my duty to display my beliefs as I am here. I am not going to try to force my beliefs on anyone, obviously if you read this blog it was by your own choice. It is my job to speak the truth, and I have done that. The rest is up to God (yes, I objectively make an appeal to God, but that may be a discussion for another post). This is my perspective, and in it I stand firmly.


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