The Reason for My Name

Walking around campus, I am shocked by the amount of girls who think it is acceptable fashion to wear leggings as if they were pants. I realize that I can be a little old-fashioned sometimes, but really, I don’t care how nice of a body you have, that is not the way they were meant to be worn. It is opinions like this that fuel this blog. I am fed up with the status quo of society being set by whoever can be the most outrageous, and not who can justify themselves. So, I am going to be outrageous in an unexpected way; I am going to speak out against inappropriate clothing, vampire fiction, and musicians who don’t really say anything. I am fighting for a new social paradigm, one where morality and truth is more important than getting a big reaction.  And I am dedicated to the truth that leggings are not, never have been, nor will they ever be, pants.



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